I have worked on many different sizes of web projects, from a single page websites to full e-commerce solutions.

If you already have staff working on your website but need someone to step in and help them out with some elements I’m happy to collaborate with your designers or developers.

My services

These are my most popular services. If you are not sure if what you want to do is covered here just contact me to find out.

Website Development

I can build you a new website on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) or I can hand code you a static website.

If you are uncertain what type of website you need, or what the pros and cons are between CMS websites and non-CMS websites, get in touch and I will happily explain these to you.

I can take a project from the wireframe / PSD stage and code it into a fully functioning website and then launch it.

If your existing website needs new components or a new functionalities to enhance your website, I can do this for you too.

Website Troubleshooting

You may have an existing website that has errors or issues that you can’t fix yourself, I can help you with that.

If a website has been hacked I can help you recover it, or if your website has expired for whatever reason I can help you restore it as much as possible, depending on the circumstances.

Perhaps you have already started setting up a website for yourself but finding you are stuck with something and just need a hand to get going again, I can help you there. No job is too small for me and I’m always happy to help.

Responsive Website Development

A responsive website is a website that responds to the device it is viewed on. A responsive website is mobile friendly and will look good on any sized screen and more importantly it will work just as well on mobile phones and tablets as it does on PCs and laptops.

Any new website I build is responsive, I do not charge extra for this.

If you have an existing website which is not responsive I can convert it into a responsive website for you, meaning you don’t necessarily need to get a whole new website built if you are happy with your existing one.

Website Updates

Your website will need to be kept up to date to ensure your visitors get the best possible experience. I can help you update your website, either I can add your new content for you or I can give you a quick guide on how to do it yourself.

I can also help you if your existing website is needing a bit of a refresh, perhaps it’s looking a bit tired and its style is outdated. I’m happy to give it an inspection and report back with recommendations for what could be done to help revive your website.

Website Support & Maintenance

The Internet is an ever changing creature and it can be exhausting to try and stay on top of all the latest rules and recommendations. It may sound strange but not many businesses regularly review their own websites to check for broken functionalities or content

For a monthly or a yearly fee I will check in on your website ensure everything works and there are not bugs or issues anywhere. I can also take regular backups of your site so you’re covered in case the worst happens.

If you have a CMS website, like WordPress, I can carry out any required updates like updating the core files, themes and plugins. Many CMS website owners worry about updating these things as there is always a small chance something might break in the process, but for your own website’s security everything should always be kept up to date. Running your CMS on an outdated version is asking for trouble. I can take that worry off your shoulders by carrying out regular checks and safe updates on your website for you.

WordPress Training

After many years of working with WordPress I know my way round the WordPress dashboard and can give you tuition on how to get to know your WordPress website.

I can teach you how you edit your WordPress website content, install and configure plugins and themes. I can help you find new themes to change the look of your WordPress website and help you find new plugins that can enhance or extend the functionalities of your website, and keep your website secure.

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